Thermoplastic elastomer SBS process technology solutions and characteristics:

For customer’s different needs, we offer SBS production process technology is individually tailored to completed set of producing solutions.

SBS device consists of material refined, reaction, steam stripping, synthetic rubber finishing lines, auxiliary re-circulating water, cooling water, etc. Process, using advanced, mature, and reliable production technology, has the characteristics of low material consumption, low energy consumption, safety, be more concerned about environment protection, sustainable development, etc.  The details are as follows   

1)  High yield, good capability, low energy consumption per unit product and small investment;

2)  Due to the device operation is flexible and good compatibility, it can produce various grades and performance of polymer products;

3)  Best quality products the device produced is very competitive in the international market;

4)  Product program can be chose the product type of dry glue or oil glue. The product application covers adhesive, asphalt modification (road and building asphalt modified), plastic modification, shoes material, etc.

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